Fully qualified with the leading brow academy in the country, and continuously training and up-skilling, Berry Beauty Co. Brings you the most up to date techniques and products to give you long lasting, beautiful brows.

Fuss free brows that are defined yet natural. whether your looking for some added volume to your brows, more definition, bolder brows or just a new shape to guide you then we have you covered.

See below the different treatment options and prices.

You can book this service online. However, please take note that we cannot tattoo you if you are on blood thinners, breastfeeding or suffer from Keloid Scarring. So please contact Katie Directly via Facebook or instagram if you would like further information. or you can email hello@berrybeauty.co.nz




This technique uses a small manual blade to create beautifully natural hair strokes to make your brows look fuller. This option is great for anyone who already has quite full brows. This option lasts 12-18 months. Microblading is usually a one time treatment, and we would usually recommend converting you to a powder brow if your wanting to maintain fuller brows. This is due to pigment migration and scarring over time.

PLEASE NOTE: Although you may book for this option, it is not viable for everyone. Katie will help determine which option is best for you at the time of your appointment based on your natural brows, your lifestyle, and what you are wanting to achieve.



A brow that has a beautiful front fade, and ends with a more defined tail. This option can vary in colour and depth. We can go for a very light coverage almost mimicking a tint or we can do very bold and defined. This is an option that suits most people, however Katie will decide with you, what would be the best option to suit your natural features and lifestyle.

Powder Brow Tattoo - $700 + 6 week top up $150


For those wanting a defined look this is the best option. Its the boldest of the brow tatoo options, and lasts beautifully. It is the perfect service for clients who don’t have a lot of brow or who are looking for a strong bold looking brow. The colour and shape is determined by Katie and agreed by the client to ensure you are 100% happy with the results.


A beautiful combination of both hair strokes and powder. Hair Strokes at the front of the brow creating a beautiful Natural look with soft Powder from the mid point of the brow through to the Tail. 


$750 + 6 week top up $175