Our approach is to provide you with pain-free, gentle dental care for healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. We choose to use BEYOND II Accelerated Ultrasonic Whitening Accelerator because it is far more effective, comfortable and safer than any other product on the market.


Triple Whitening $250

Our most popular service - consists of 3x15-20 minute application cycles in one session - This is designed to remove even the most stubborn of stains. Leave with instant results and a glowing smile. Note this appointment time can take up to 1hr 30 mins.

Double Deal - Bring a mate & save! $200ea

Bring a friend and save! During our Friends Deal we treat you & a partner/friend at the same time. You both receive our Triple Whitening (3 x 15 minute cycles) treatment that is designed to remove built up staining and create your best bright white smile. Please Note: A 24 hour White diet is required after all whitening treatments.

3 month touch up - $100

Maintain your pearly whites with our white for life programme, ask in clinic for more information. This is designed to protect your results and help with any stain regression you may have had from your previous session.


It takes 24 hours for the Tooth Layer to regenerate and as such, the longevity of whitening hinges on the 48 hours following the procedure. Keep the following tips in mind.

Foods and Habits to Avoid Particularly in the 24 hours after your teeth whitening procedure, avoid anything acid-based, including soda, pickles and citrus fruits like orange and lemon. Also steer clear of foods that easily create stains:

Red white
Fruit juices
Soy sauce
Cured meats
Curry powder

During this stage, your teeth are vulnerable to staining and decay. Consuming these items not only negates the effects of the whitening procedure but could also set your teeth up for long-term damage.

Also think about other things you put in your mouth that could cause stains. Along with certain food choices, avoid using colored toothpastes, tobacco products and e-cigarettes.

What can you eat during the first 48 hours? Ideally, anything that’s white or light in color and non-acidic is less likely to stain. Be sure to have a sufficient supply of:

Skinless chicken breasts
Cottage cheese

Once the 48-hour period passes, consider supplementing these foods with lighter-colored fruits like apples and bananas and crunchy, acid-neutralizing vegetables, like carrots, green beans and celery. Dairy products also help strengthen your teeth and reduce decay.

If you eat something dark-colored, be sure to rinse your mouth out afterwards and brush your teeth. If you are on-the-go, chew some sugar-free gum within 20 minutes of finishing your meal.

Aside from the type of food, also think about its temperature. Your recently whitened teeth may be extremely sensitive to hot and cold sensations. Avoid anything too extreme in either direction and, for the time being, consider using an anti-sensitivity toothpaste.